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How long will my skylight cover last?

All of the covers sold by skylitecovers.com are warranted for 5 years. We have however seen cases of a covers lasting much longer, in some case 12-15 years. Covers can be removed and reinstalled as required by the owner, this can easily double the life of the skylight cover.

How hard is it to install a skylight cover?

Skylitecovers.com installs hundreds of covers every year so we have great expertise in not only selling but also installing skylight covers. We believe our products are the easiest to install cover on the market and have the best finished look of any product. No tools or special training is required. Please refer to the measure and install page on this website for easy to follow videos

Will my skylight covers make a room darker?

There will be reduced light coming through your skylight. In most cases our customers are trying to reduce the amount of heat and glare coming into a room from their skylight, that is one of the reasons they are considering a skylight cover. Most of our customers tell us the reduction in light is just right. The amount of unwanted glare has been reduced to a comfortable ambient glow.

What color should I choose?

Most people consider the roof color when selecting their skylight cover. Some of the other considerations include visibility out and cleanliness through the years of use. Brown is by far the most popular color because

It matches the color of the skylight frame and also shows less accumulated dirt than the lighter colors. Brown also will provide a better view out because of the contrast.

Do I have to get on the roof?

Our covers are designed to be installed on exterior of the skylight only, therefore it will be necessary to get on the roof to measure and install your skylight cover. We do recommend anyone who considers getting on a roof be in the proper physical shape to do so. If you are in doubt, find someone who is physically able to climb on your roof to measure and install for you, again no tools or training is required.

Why are our covers less expensive?

The installation technique we utilize is the reason are covers are less expensive than our competition. We do not sew a hem into our covers, this reduces the fabrication time of are products. Our proprietary installation system not only reduces cost but results in a tighter more finished product. We used to buy from our competition so we know their product, we were constantly disappointed in the appearance of the bunched up look of their covers.